What We Do

 The Nomadic Shack design build concept is as unique and individual as our customers and us.  Our offer to our customers is an extensive range of art, architectural design, and purpose driven construction. By doing this, we fulfill our goals as creators of dreams and deliverers of vision.  We will work and strive to provide our clients with a product that they will put their own names on and create a place for many years of memory creation.

About Us

We are a team with great knowledge and recognition
Together we have worked on numerous construction sites over the past twenty years. We have been recognized in commercial as well as residential arenas. We have worked on tight time lines and proven successful. And to us, success isn’t just producing a product but a high quality product, on time, on budget and with detailed follow through.

“All there is to thinking is seeing something noticeable, which makes you see something you weren’t noticing, which makes you see something that isn’t even visible.”
 – A River Runs Through It

Our Team

We have 20 years of history working together.  We define teamwork.



Angie is the creative driving force behind Nomadic Shack. The original Quack Shack structure on her land in Quill Lakes (what was to be a seasonal watefowl hunting camp), ignited a fire that has been buring bright in her to create for others enjoyment.  She was formally the Director of Marketing for Cambria Quartz Surfaces where she designed and managed construction projects throughout the US and Canada. Her primary focus was sporting arenas and design studios. Her passion for building runs deep in her soul. Her personal works have been featured in many publications and most recently in Midwest Home magazine. Yet her passion for life’s adventures goes far beyond just construction. She is a renowned photographer, accomplished waterfowler, and her greatest project is being the mother of five children.



Architecture/Project Manager

While our designs are inspired by nature and working with repurposed materials, our vision must have a path that takes it from ideas to a finished product. Dan is the creator of the path along your construction journey. Dan’s original career focus was founded in real estate development but over time his passion grew into architectural design. In 2006 Dan started his firm RemWhirl and out of a need for his own unique space,  he found the inspiration that has led into the original designs of Nomadic Shack structures. In 2016 Dan’s firm was named “Best Of Customer Service” by Houzz, and it is that level of commitment you will experience here at Nomadic Shack. As you spend time with Dan discussing the vision in your head, the textures of the walls, and the many shapes inside your future house, our design team will be creating a set of one-of-a-kind renderings and plans that not only are the blue prints for construction but give you a full vision of what your dream will look like as it becomes a reality.



Luke is everything INFO.   When you email Nomadic Shack, Luke is your go to. He has been a successful real estate agent in both Minnesota and Wisconsin for almost ten years.   Yet, he is far from a conventional realtor, which is what makes him the perfect fit for our team.  He is a creative thinker that is willing to push the limits to get a project completed.  His energy, passion for the outdoors, and extensive client base makes him an exceptional fit for the Nomadic Shack team.   When traveling or at a tradeshow, Luke is the guy you want to accompany you through long hours.   Saying you “work” with Luke is like saying we build “shacks”  – the experience is anything but ordinary.



Cabinet Maker / Imagineer

If you can imagine it Roger can build it.  From one of kind furniture pieces to tree houses made of reclaimed wood, Roger bridges the gap of old world charm and modern construction. Many of his projects start out as sketches on the back of napkins or paper as our clients descibe their interior visions. As the lines form on the paper, Roger’s mind is already moving to sourcing and construction. And like most accomplished artists, the final product is always better than what our customers imagine. When Roger is not creating in his shop he is a passionate egg farmer with his poultry producing GMO free eggs.

Jim Berggren

Construction Lead

All of the designs, inspirations, awards and success with our team start at one central location; the hands on daily construction of our products. As a teacher, encourager, passionate trained carpenter with hundreds of completed homes under his guidance, Jim is a key part to our success. His infectious, positive attitude and desire to teach all who will listen; ensure we will always have a team of well trained and motivated builders.  As a craftsman, Jim takes great pride in not only building the visions set out before him in a set of custom plans, but also has a deep respect for the materials he works with. Many of our structures are built from very old, one of a kind, and irreplaceable materials. This means that Jim and his team of craftsmen do not have the luxury of making the wrong cut. They treat each piece of reclaimed wood or fixture for what they are, art. It’s subscribing to this set of values that separates our production team from all other builders and ensures only the highest quality finished product.



It is an honor to present Lee Kjos as a member of the Nomadic Shack team.  Lee is the owner of KjosOutdoors.  He is one of the most renowned commercial photographers in the outdoor space.   His images have graced magazine covers like Field & Stream, Petersen’s Hunting, Ducks Unlimited, and Covey Rise for many years.  Not only does he assist with photography and the creative presentation of our shacks, many of our clients are also fortunate enough to have his work hung on their wall via our concierge service.   Lee elevates our work at Nomadic Shack by bringing his broad knowledge of print media and an artistic eye to our ever developing projects.  Additionally, Lee’s images are the foundation of our lifestyle brand, Venor. (


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