NOMADIC SHACK featured in Petersen’s Hunting

June/July 2017

For some, inspiration appears in mysterious ways. For Minnesota native  Angie Erickson, inspiration was straight-forward: a mouse scratching in a wall near her head while she slept. She chuckles while telling the tale. “My husband and I would stay in vacant farm homes in Saskatchewan, and while the duck hunting was phenomenal, the old, run-down farmhouses left something to be desired—drafty, cold, and full of mice.” Enough was enough. But remodeling a farmhouse or building a new hunting cabin in the middle of nowhere quickly and to the high level of quality they desired proved to be difficult—if not impossible.

“It was May and we needed a fully functional hunting cabin by October,” Erickson said. “We discovered using lo-cal builders wasn’t going to be a reality.” Necessity is the mother of invention, and Nomadic Shack was born. “I started working with an architectural firm in the Twin Cities and a manufacturer who could build a modular component structure that was high-quality and energy efficient and that could be shipped anywhere,” Erickson said. Each 600- to 800-square-foot module is traditionally framed and insulated with highly efficient spray foam to withstand anything Mother Nature can dish out. Combined with a highly efficient SIP ceiling and radiant floor heating, Nomadic Shacks are rated to minus 50 degrees.

Multiple modules can be joined together to fit nearly any size or layout requirements. “We currently have three different models, ranging from 600 to 2,800 square feet, to show our general style and vision, but we work with every customer on a one-on-one basis to develop the exact building they want,” Erickson said In addition to offering a truly custom lodging option, Nomadic Shack is a one-stop shop. They work with engineers on overseeing site preparation, screw piling foundation installation, putting in electrical and septic hookups, as well as handling final delivery and install.

They even offer a full concierge service so a customer receives a complete turnkey package down to every detail, including all furnishings, monogrammed linens, accessories, and drawers full of high-end plates and cutlery. With a delivery window of just 90 days from the time an order is placed until move in, a Nomadic Shack could be in your future this fall—placed anywhere from the remotest stretches of Saskatchewan to the backcountry of Idaho. No mice included.

Images by Lee Kjos